Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Good Habits

Here are some of our "green" good habits. 

Waste Free Lunches
Worm Composting
Check the other pages for more on these!

Recycling juice boxes.

BYOB plates and utensils
when we have school feasts

We use water bottles and fountains
instead of bottled water
in school and at school events.


We often use cloth table cloths
for school feasts

Our beloved custodians use old towels for cleaning.
They also let us know when things end up in the
trash that shouldn't.
Hot lunches with less waste.
thanks to the Parent Association

Recycling paper, cardboard and plastic 
Since this was filmed, one of our teachers managed to get us
a paper, cardboard and plastic recycling bin
that the city picks up for us. Yahoo!

Hand dryers in washrooms